Glass Half Full

08/04/2020 | By John Cumbelich

Setbacks. Trials. Disappointments.  As we digest the manifold challenges facing our families, businesses, schools and communities, athletes offer a valuable lesson for a time of trials. Athletes and sports leagues have been much in the news of late, navigating their way, like the rest ...

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Repurpose, Rezone or Replace

05/19/2020 | By John Cumbelich

The overbuilt US market for retail space was one crisis away from a major correction. That correction is now upon us. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought into sharp relief the costs and consequences of the overbuilt nature of US retail real estate.  Pre-COVID the US ...

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Bad Actor

03/16/2020 | By John Cumbelich

In the March elections, San Franciscans approved Proposition D, a new tax sponsored by a member the Board of Supervisors that targets landlords of vacant retail space. The sponsor believes that these owners are intentionally keeping their properties vacant, despite tenant demand. The Supervisor ...

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Game of Loans

01/21/2020 | By John Cumbelich

In a fast-changing retail landscape in which retailers of all shapes and sizes — big box stores, department stores, and other retail brands — are regularly shuttering due to the shift to e-commerce, lenders will increasingly find themselves in the uncomfortable position of owning ...

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Double Whammy

10/10/2019 | By John Cumbelich

The suburban shopping center business is not in crisis. But the simultaneous presence of two unsettling dynamics in the industry are unraveling once proven assets, and stunting new development. The first of these ailments is the interruption (or is it the termination?) of the anchor tenant ...

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Where Do You Retail?

04/10/2019 | By John Cumbelich

Retail brands that embrace the Omni-Channel approach to selling their wares seek to create unique silos beyond the retail store where merchandise can be delivered to customers. Catalogues, on-line stores, gift cards and partnerships with credit card companies are among the channels that retail ...

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Retail Reinvented

01/09/2019 | By John Cumbelich

The San Francisco Bay Area is now home to not one but two of the most evolutionary new projects in the world of commercial real estate. The first, Apple’s 2.8 M square foot circular headquarters building in Cupertino, elevated the low-rise suburban office campus ...

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Oakland 2.0

11/12/2018 | By John Cumbelich

Prior to World War II, Oakland was one of the major retailing markets in the West. In an era when the department store was the king of retail, serving as the ultimate validation of a retail marketplace, downtown Oakland was home to R.H. Macy’s, ...

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